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Yes transportation can be provided at an additional cost of $6 per person on public tours and a minimum of $40 on private tours.

The tour is approximately 2 hours long.

No, you can also enjoy the bio from the boat.

We need 24 hours' notice for a full refund on our tours.

Yes, we offer a 5% CC or 10% cash discount on groups of 10 or more persons.

You may pay online at the time of booking or by coming to the office and doing so.

We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Card.

We do not cancel for rain alone (it’s the tropics).

Approximately 5-6 feet deep.

You can reserve at any time.

Yes as long as they have someone to help with getting them on board the boat.

The world's best Tour guides, fruit punch, water, and snorkel gear.

At different times of the year typically April-May is when we see the most, if you’re allergic we recommend staying on the boat if you’re not a rash guard usually does the trick.

Towels and extra shirts if you wish to swim in the bio bay.

No, only if you plan on getting in the water.

At the Starfish point and upside-down Jellyfish is approximately 10-15 minutes. And 30-35 minutes in the Bio bay.

The Sweet Spot.

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